How it works

Farm Smart Utility is a majority farmer-owned energy company, which will generate significant revenues from solar power, battery storage and utility payments. This farmer energy company will own and operate industry leading solar, battery and heat pump solutions on individual farms, which are monitored 24 hours a day. We provide the opportunity to be part of a unique farming community to avail of the latest solar technology and expertise, and earn significant ongoing income.

  • Farmer becomes a shareholder in Farm Smart Utility;
  • Farm Smart Utility will plan, design and supply solar installation on each farm;
  • Each installation consists of a 25KW solar panel plus battery storage. The battery stores electricity generated during the day for later use and maximises night time electricity;
  • Solar power is maximised through the use of smart technology and battery;
  • Excess electricity will be sold back to the grid;
  • The installation will assist as a backup power solution.


Dairy farms utilise most energy during milking at expensive peak times 6-9am and 5-8pm. Utilising solar energy we can transform usage to generate substantial income. On the average 100 cow dairy farm, the cost of electricity is circa €5,000 each year.

Income generated by solar, battery and energy efficient solutions is €3,000 per annum. Export power and utility payments will generate an additional €1,500 per annum. For an investment of €10,000, the company will guarantee a return of €2,000 a year (5 year payoff).

Who we are

We are a dedicated team with strong expertise in energy, farming and finance. We are shareholders in the company and invested in the business. We have completed a number of high-profile energy and farming projects throughout Ireland and globally. Our team fully understand the unique requirements of farmers which enables us to deliver this service in a bespoke way. We are committed to providing significant energy cost savings, a trusted sound investment, protecting the environment and providing energy opportunities for the future.

Why choose us

  • Become a shareholder of Farm Smart Utility

  • Significant ongoing income generation

  • Majority farmer-owned companies

  • Return on Investment within 5 years

  • Expected substantial growth in company valuation

  • 25KW solar output, battery storage and heat pump

  • Proven track record of Management

  • Project managed from beginning to end

  • Monitored and optimised 24 hours 7 days a week

  • 60% reduction in Co2 emissions on your utilities

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